Worship Arts Position Profile

Position Profile
Worship Arts Pastor

Position Description
The Worship Arts Pastor will lead the GBC teams that facilitate the worship of God by the people of God. These teams include: Contemporary Worship Team, Choir, Audio/Media Team, Worship Support Team & various teams that enable the church to use the arts on mission in our community and around the world.

Position Responsibilities

  • Oversee & manage the Worship Arts Team (staff & volunteers).
  • Serve as the primary worship leader for the contemporary worship service.
  • Plan worship for the contemporary service in concert with the Senior Pastor.
  • Support the planning of the blended worship service in concert with the Senior Pastor & Worship Arts Associate.
  • Coordinate the contemporary worship elements of the blended service in concert with the Worship Arts Associate. The Worship Arts Associate will be the primary worship leader/coordinator for the blended service.
  • Represent the Worship Arts team at GBC staff meetings.
  • Serve as a co-leader of the Worship Council with a member of the SLC.
  • Serve as the Executive Producer/Creative Director of Jazz Nativity. Jazz Nativity is an annual Christmas event that raises funds for missions.
  • Support the Worship Arts Associate in the planning and execution of the annual Christmas Choral Concert.
  • Coordinate worship leadership for special worship events throughout the year (Thanksgiving Service, Deacon Ordination Service, Etc.).
  • Launch, develop and lead the prayer ministry.
  • Cultivate an environment in which people embrace a lifestyle of worship.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor

Position Qualifications

  1. Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ a member of GBC.
  2. Have at least 5 years of experience as a full-time contemporary worship leader and leader of multiple worship arts teams in the same congregation.
  3. Possess a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in music or equivalent experience. A graduate degree in a ministry related field is preferred.
  4. Posses a track record of leadership and growth in a local church setting.
  5. Be a person of godly character and spiritual maturity.
  6. Support the theological framework, mission and vision of GBC.

Gayton Master Plan

In 2008, we approved a new Master Plan for our campus that will include a new Outreach Center and the expansion and renovation of the Worship Center. Read more about the Master Plan and see a fly-through of the new facility.

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